The number one roof construction cost software is PlanSwift.

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Calculating your roof construction cost can be a pain in the neck. Pen and paper in hand, calculator next to you sitting at the table. You can easily spend hours getting estimates together for one job. Are you sure you have included everything by the time you are done?

There’s a much easier way

The new round of construction estimating software available can make this entire process faster, easier and more accurate. All of these programs allow you to view plans and run the calculations needed for estimates. In addition, most of these programs will put together a nice, professional looking package for you to give to your clients.

All this will free you up to do more work if you want, or have more time for yourself if you prefer.

  • Use any file format you want.
  • Run takeoffs fast.
  • Share your work, even blueprints, fast and easy.
  • Do multiple estimates at one time.

You may feel you should be in handcuffs for getting software at such a steal!

"PlanSwift is one of the most versatile and user friendly estimating programs we have used to date. PlanSwift not only works well as an estimating software, but as a tool to help sell more product."
-ProBuild / John Huck

"Our company, like every New Home Builder today, is looking for ways to increase productivity and decrease expenses. PlanSwift Pro has become the tool that will help us reach that goal. We believe that by using PlanSwift we will literally trim days off of the time it takes us to perform our construction estimates. PlanSwift's templates allow us to standardize the work of our whole team, and improve our accuracy. All of our estimators immediately saw the advantage that PlanSwift brings...and they all wanted it immediately! Thanks also to the responsive support staff for even the simplest question."
-MCCar Homes / Paul Schleif

"After discovering that online take off software existed, I quickly discovered a couple a companies that rose to the top of my interest. One company had what seemed like an outstanding program, lots of bells and whistles, an incredible product, but did not offer any one on one tutorials to really show the possibilities of the product as well as the "how to do that" insight. It had lots of time consuming videos which were somewhat helpful, but still left me with a lot of frustration and unanswered questions. For a product that was listing for around 00, I would "feel" better about spending that kind of money if someone really took the time to show me how that investment would benefit my particular trade/business. That's exactly what PlanSwift did. The day after I downloaded their free trial, they had someone call me to schedule a one on one tutorial. The tutorial was amazing. It went for almost an hour, and I had most of my questions answered. I got to see different ways that this program could be useful to my takeoff procedure, things I would not have thought of on my own. The tutor was very patient, bright, and knowledgeable about the software. The fact that it costs about a third of the other company's product helped my decision to purchase PlanSwift, but I have to tell you that the TUTORIAL is what won me over. Excellent customer support and a better price. What more can I say? It's a great product, with a great foundation that can be built upon to grow and become better and better for years to come"
-Logic Electric / Kyong Chang

"I have 35 years experience in the construction industry including architectural services and general building construction. After viewing many on-screen takeoff programs available, I have chosen PlanSwift. I found the program to be "truly" user-friendly in ease of operation, and very adaptable for most all estimating and takeoff. I have found it to work well with the electronic plan rooms that are available. I am most amazed by the staff supporting the program. With my first issue it took only "one" phone call and about 50 minutes, the problem was resolved and available for download with "two" follow-up phone calls from the staff only minutes later. As a professional construction estimator operating some of the most complicated programs, I believe PlanSwift to be the best of value in its class and truly worth recommending to anyone who requires the ability to perform an on-screen take-off."
-Toler Insulating / Wes Hurt

"James - Last November I needed to make a decision about which paperless takeoff system to use for my estimating company. I had reviewed [the competition] several times over a three year period, and even installed the demo on my computer. I could never bring myself to make the purchase. I then searched the Internet for on screen estimating systems and found yours. After a brief conversation with you, I downloaded and installed the demo. The difference was immediately recognizable. The program is visually appealing, and intuitive to use. The zoom and pan controls took only a few moments to get used to, and quickly became completely natural. All of the features needed to do takeoff off of both "spots and dots" and linear items took seconds to learn. For those who need good organizational tools for your takeoffs (that would be me), Planswift is also a hit. I am quite pleased with the programs abilities in this area. I have also been quite satisfied with your technical support. I tend to push software packages to the max, always looking for better ways to do things and advanced program capabilities. The tech support staff has never let me down. And finally, the price. A superior product with great tech support for less money. How can you lose?"
-Carr Consulting Services / Steve Carr



If you act now, we’ll even throw in for free:

  • Personalized 1-on-1 training with one of our trainers. Not some canned training video that leads to a sales pitch, but honest training so PlanSwift will do what you want it to do.
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After trying this program for 14 days, if you still want to spend the extra money on another program that gives you the same stuff, go for it. On the other hand, you could just send the money to me, I do need a new boat!

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